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Everyone  did an excellent job and you were all very well behaved. I know you all  weren’t in the gym for awards because one of our team members got  injured but I am still incredibly proud of you. In the future we will  have a plan in place so if an injury occurs that you will maintain the  schedule of the day and be in the gym for awards. From now on we will  have a head chaperone (guard parent) in charge of making sure we are all  present and accounted for after we perform. On a different note, even  though we scored well we need to keep pushing to make the show even  better! This week we will be listening to the judges tapes and making  changes to certain sections of the show to enhance our product. Don’t forget we are switching to name shirts on Tuesdays and color shirts on Thursdays.


Parents - A HUGE thank  you to all of our parents who volunteered on Saturday! We could not  have done it without you!!! I have asked several parents for their  feedback on what we can do to enhance everyone’s show day experience. I  am reviewing our show day procedures to make sure we are even more  prepared for the next competition as well as if an injury occurs. Thank  you for being patient and understanding with this first competition. I  know we all wanted to have our girls in the gym for awards but the  safety of a student took priority. Today I have a conference call with  the president of TCGC reviewing what happened during the show and asking  for a resolution so in the future no student’s safety is compromised  ever again. At the bottom of this page are the food sign ups for the  next two Saturdays. Please send me a message on what you can bring and  if you have any questions! Both campuses will be making multiple  announcements recognizing the achievements of our talented students!!!!!  Thank you for your continued support!!!!


Potential Additional Props - Over  the next 4 weeks our goal is to add fake leaves to our show so we can  increase our scores in Design Analysis and General Effect. If  you know of ANYONE who has a portable leaf blower (with vacuum  collection capabilities) like the link down below please let me know as  soon as possible. If  we decide to add the fake leaves into the show I will need 2 additional  parents to suck up any excess leaves so we don’t get any penalties.  This change won’t happen until the Tompkins Show on Feb 22nd so we will  have some time to practice!


Friday Feb 7th - We  will need any parents who are planning to help pull the floor or props  come to rehearsal at 6:30PM so we can walk you through what’s going to  happen on Saturday and practice getting everything onto and off of the  floor. We will be doing 2 run throughs that will be timed with setup and  breakdown. 


Saturday Feb 8th - You  will need to come with your hair already straighten. We will not have  time to straighten it at the show site. Please make sure you look over  your checklist of items needed which can be found in the Competition  Itinerary. You will need to pack your color guard backpack will all  items necessary. 

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